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Buying & Selling Land In Chattanooga & Surrounding Areas

We believe the foundation of a successful relationship is trust, that the bricks and mortar are competence and reliability and that longevity is sustained by giving more than we receive. We set out each day to earn our clients' trust and confidence by doing business according to the following Guiding Principles:

  • We build relationships, not generate sales
  • We place our clients' best interests above all else.
  • We listen to our clients
  • We constantly improve our market knowledge and skills
  • We provide sound advice
  • We always tell the truth – even when it is painful
  • We deliver what we promise

Buying Land

As your Buyers Agent and trusted advisor, We will guide you through each step of the buying process by: 

  • Defining your property requirements and desires
  • Using all of our resources and networking to find the best property fit
  • Negotiating a fair deal
  • Performing buyers due diligence prior to closing
  • Working closely with all involved to streamline closing
  • Assisting you with any new land owner needs post closing

Whether you are buying land to build a personal home or business use, for recreation, farming, development, or as a long-term investment, We listen to your input, educate you on the particulars, and take care of all the legwork so you have a pleasant, worry-free experience. 

We don’t bound our clients to a certain set of listings or particular development. We find the best property that suites your needs, negotiate a fair deal and strive for the best experience possible, no matter who has it for sale.  

Selling Land 

As your Listing Agent and trusted advisor, We will guide you through each step of the selling process by: 

  • Determining the true market value of your property
  • Defining your objectives for the sale
  • Developing and implementing a marketing strategy
  • Marketing your property at its highest potential
  • Negotiating a fair deal
  • Working closely with the title company to ensure buyer contract compliance and hitting closing deadlines

Unlike most traditional Real Estate agencies we will not take on a listing if we are not fully confident it will sale. What also sets us apart is our close networking with other Real Estate companies and our ability to place properties that may not be in our wheelhouse with those trusted groups to maximize your selling potential.     

We are committed to using our experience and knowledge of the market to maximize your selling efforts. We work diligently to bring the seller the best experience and results possible.


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