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Bryan Fallowfield


Bryan was born and raised in a small farming community in the North Island of New Zealand. Growing up in such a beautiful landscape, he learned to appreciate the many wonders of the natural world. In 1998 he moved to Eastern Tennessee to perform multiple years of volunteer service. During that time he grew to love the people, culture, and uniqueness of the region. In his early twenties, with just one suitcase and $500 cash in his pocket, Bryan returned to the states to pursue the American dream. Shortly after he married his sweetheart and has since lived in multiple states throughout the USA.

In 2009, Bryan and his wife put down roots in Chattanooga where they live with their four wonderful children. They enjoy traveling nationally and internationally, learning about places of historical significance, and camping and hiking in local, state, and national parks. In his spare time, Bryan likes to participate with local trail running groups, contributing to the construction and upkeep of trails and public land, maintaining his home gardens, creating in his workshop, and working with various civic and charitable organizations.

For Bryan, the intersection between his passion for nature and his professional goals meets in a career as a realtor and land specialist. Knowing that the purchase of a piece of land is a significant life event that can impact multiple generations, he derives immense joy from the process. He has assisted many individuals, families, and organizations with procuring agricultural, recreational, off-grid, and lifestyle land that meet their specific needs. Bryan has also connected clients to share their experiences so that they can build a sense of community in rural areas. Many have created successful permaculture farms that produce a variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables that are sold at local farmers markets.  

Whether you are looking to build a home within a developed community or acquire land with no restrictions for your personal oasis, Bryan has the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to assist you.

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