January 12, 2024

Building relationships with Terra Southeast

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Brandon Olinger

Building relationships with Terra Southeast

Who is Terra Southeast

Terra Southeast is a premiere custom home builder located in Tennessee and the first Certified Passive House Builder in the state. They believe in building homes to a high standard of quality that promotes lasting health and comfort for its occupants as well as environmental well-being.

By combining decades of construction experience with modern building technologies and techniques, they simply want to build the most comfortable, durable, and healthiest structures that have ever existed. In doing so, they utilize the principles of Passive House and Net-Zero ready homes to decrease energy demand and, hence, energy costs as an additional benefit.

Their goal is to work with clients who have a long-term mindset and want their new residence to serve as a “generational home” that can be passed on to their children and grandchildren OR a home that they can enjoy as they age in place. These clients understand that they can and should build to the highest of construction standards and that the planet has finite resources. Through making thoughtful choices in both materials and methods, together they can achieve an amazing home that will leave the client with an extreme pride of ownership.

What is Passive Housing

Passive House is a building standard that emphasizes better wall construction, a tight building envelope, and great HVAC systems. There are fewer mold—and other pollutant issues. They are quieter, promote the health of their occupants, and cost less to heat and cool. They are built to the highest energy-saving standards in the U.S. Homes built to this standard are, quite simply, better homes. Also, Passive House is not new, it’s simply unusual for the mass-produced American market. In today’s housing climate of entire new neighborhoods thrown up as cheaply as possible, it’s important to know a more careful, longer-lasting, and healthier alternative exists.

Interested in building a Passive House?

United Country - Southeast Land Solutions and Terra Southeast work closely together to make client dreams become a reality. United Country's property specialists offer the highest level of service through passion-driven expertise you will not find anywhere in the land business, while Terra Southeast believes in building strong, long-lasting relationships based on honesty and integrity with customers and subcontractors. From your first step of acquiring rural land, to building your Passive Home, we will work with you every step of the process.

Terra Southeast believes that we should build to the highest standards possible.

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